We loved Mrs. Brooke! My little boy begs to go back and swim with Mrs. Brooke. He is very stubborn and she worked hard with him to get him skilled! She is the best in town!

                   Katie H

                   Clarksville TN

I strongly advocate for ISR and Brooke Keil. I have been an advocate for " Not One More Child Drowns" since I first saw a video of a child learning life saving skills in the event of falling in to a body of water on my FB feed 5 years ago. At the time, the closest ISR instructor was 50 miles away. I put my name on a notification list and was really excited when the notification came to my email that there was a local instructor starting up classes at New Providence Pool. I registered my son right away, because a lot of my friends have pools and he loves to be around water in general. 

My son literally cried for the first 4 weeks because he didn't have self confidence in his abilities. Over the course of 6 weeks, my son has gone from " I can't, I'm scared" to "I am awesome / I love swimming". The progression of watching my little man gain confidence in and out of the water is truly inspiring and I am so proud of him. Watching a video comparison of him in his first week and 6th week is just remarkable. 

Brooke is an amazing instructor and really patient with my son's fears and gaining his trust. She explains each goal throughly and was always available if I had any questions about RJ's progress or his behaviors during a session. Her gentle but firm encouragement aligns well with my personality and can do attitude which encouraged my son that he can do it too. I will do everything I can do to promote such an amazing person and program. I feel every child should learn how to save themselves in the event of falling in to a body of water. ISR Self-Rescue Swimming lessons not only teaches them to survive but also teaches them how to swim to the edge or wall efficiently in an unfamiliar environment. I am truly thankful for Brooke and the skills that she has mastered in the ISR program. RJ has not only gained a life saving skill but also the confidence of believing in himself to accomplish great things in life. Thank you Brooke and ISR Clarksville.    Jean J- Clarksville

Ms Brooke is literally the best! I have recommended her to every person I know with small children. I thought my son would be too “old” for lessons (at 2, turning 3) but she very easily explained the importance of ISR and how it’s useful for children (and even adults!) of all ages who need to learn these life saving skills. My son hated the water, but Brooke calmly taught him to survive if the worst were to happen amidst the tears like the total pro that she is. I have nothing but good things to say about Brooke and ISR. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!! Thank you Ms Brooks!!

                                Julie I.

                                Clarksville TN

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