My name is Brooke Keil and I am a Certified ISR instructor and CEO of ISR Clarksville. I relocated to the Clarksville area in August of 2018. Prior to relocating to Clarksville I was an ISR instructor in Dickinson ND. I am a wife and mother to two wonderful boys ages 3 and 16yrs old. Before becoming an ISR instructor I was a swim mom. 

    I discovered Infant Swimming Resource several years ago but it was not until I had my son Jett, that I became involved with ISR.

    Supervision is the most important layer of protection for our children and I’ve always known that. Even with being the most vigilant parent and always trying to be one step ahead of my child ( to prevent the next fall/spell) there were times I failed. We had a pool at our home as well as a hot tube and bathtubs. My anxiety grew with knowing how quickly supervision and other barriers fail, which is when I decided to register Jett with a local instructor. I wanted to provide and extra layer of protection for him in the event he ever reached that water alone. 


Going into week 2 of Jetts lessons, I knew that my calling was to become an Instructor. Watching my child learn life-saving skills in the water and also gaining an extra layer of protection for my child was emotional and reassuring. After completing the in depth training out of state with an ISR Senior Master Instructor, I became certified. I have taught over a 300 students ISR  life saving, Self-Rescuing skills and look forward to the many students that will become a part of my heart in the future.